50 Longest & Shortest Country Borders

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Name the pairs of countries with the 50 longest and shortest land borders. Border lengths are total length of those countries’ borders, not lenghts of individual segments. Dependent territories are included as part of the main country (answer the name of the country which claims it). Any border across land is included, including artificial land. Bridges/tunnels are excluded. Use the following abbreviations for these 5 countries: US, UK, DRC, Congo & CAR. Answer by typing in both countries in either order (i.e. ‘FranceGermany’ or ‘AustriaCzech’).

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    Curious as to why DRC/Congo is excluded? I know it appears on many other longest-border lists.
    1. 0
      According to the All Borders quiz, the DRC/Congo border is only the 63th longest.
    2. 0
      I used the cia world factbook, which has had border lengths change over time, im guessing new calculation methods.
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    Is ‘Republic of the Congo’ no longer accepted on the geography quizzes on hugequiz?
    1. 0
      it may be on some, i forgot to put in the notes use “Congo” on this one for it, i’ll add that note now.

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