Africa Capital Distance Challenge

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6/26/2017 – Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive! I have been doing full-time work not allowing me to update the site (this site takes a bit of work to keep going so I figured best to just leave it alone than do mediocre work on it) but am looking soon into new opportunities that will allow the site to expand and grow – not overnight but perhaps within a couple months. Thanks for continuing to visit and hopefully some good news will be on the way! – Darin
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Start by clicking on an African capital. Then, ‘travel’ the 54 capitals by clicking successive ones, trying to visit them all using shortest distance. Traveling is done via great circle routes.

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    i reset the scores and changed this quiz to use great circle flying routes only instead of some driving, as Mapquest was not as good with African driving directions as Google was, and I had to convert the quiz.
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    I visited all 54 countries/capitals but my score wasn’t saved. The timer just went on as if I hadn’t finished the quiz yet.
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        The time now stops but the score isn’t yet registered.
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          i just took it and my score registered (i deleted it)
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            Still not registering… I can send you a screenshot if you want. Time stops and All Capital Visited! message displayed but score not saved. Let’s see if anyone else plays this quiz…
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    ah..try it again now, might be good.
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    Not sure if I’m just doing something wrong, but I’ve ran this twice now and it’s only made it to 53/54 despite my visitation to every capital. It’s all red and connected. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to do something manually to finish the quiz?
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      you’re missing either Brazzaville or Kinshasa – again, like Asia, you have to zoom in to see them both.

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