Europe Travel The 50 Largest Cities Distance Challenge

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Happy Easter to all – I will be back by Monday, April 4th with new quizzes, updates, and monitoring of the site – thanks for your patience while I worked on other things.
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Travel the 50 largest European cities by clicking successively on them as a route displays. The object is to travel all 50 in the shortest overall distance as computed by Mapquest’s road directions. Click any city to start your journey, then simply single-click on a green marker to visit that city. PLEASE WAIT for the route to display once clicking on a city before clicking the next.

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    alright i removed the top 3 scores and fixed a bug that may have led to shorter routes – maybe those scores were the result of the bug maybe not, i don’t know, anyhow it should be fixed now.
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    Travelling from Naples to Athens seems to break the quiz; it won’t update the route, even after waiting a few minutes.
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    As noted above, Naples to Athens breaks the quiz.
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      i’ll try to get this updated to Google maps shortly which will fix things.

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