UN Non Self-Governing Territories Past & Present

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Name all current and former members of the UN Non Self-Governing Territories list. Places will turn green when answered. Many alternative names accepted, but usually you will need a full name of the territory. Mouseover markers to see who administered the territories.

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    if i missed a common name for any of these let me know.
    1. -1
      haven’t spotted any names missed, but the scoring seems to be off. I seem to have started with a score of about 31 – anyway I certainly didn’t get all the answers.
      1. 0
        im not spotting any scoring issues trying the quiz myself…if you see the score jump more than 1 or something when you answer something let me know what answer did it – i don’t see how the score would start at 31 though?
        1. -1
          ok, I just tried the quiz again and scoring seems to be fine – there was just something weird happening first time round. no idea what it was.
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    The coordinates for Portuguese Angola and Portuguese Guinea are way off… in Singapore or so. And I think they’re both the same as they overlap. This quiz is a bit slow to load… it doesn’t affect gameplay but it’s unusual.
  3. 0
    Supposedly I got them all, and the time stopped, but there were still several on the map showing as blue that I didn’t get!
    1. 0
      think i know what happened – let me know if it happens again.

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