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US All Places (No Maps)

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Name ALL (yes, ALL) US Cities/Towns/etc (SEE NOTES) totaling the highest population.  Quiz is NOT timed.  Same quiz as the Maps version but text-based.

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NOTES – THIS QUIZ SHARES the same high score database as the Maps version. *ALL* US cities/towns/etc are included on this one. This include all cities, village, towns (except NY due to their differing status), NJ Townships, MI Charter Townships, and CDP’s in Hawaii. Also some newer (since the 2010 Census) incorporated places are included. Last answer guessed (alphabetically by state for multiple answers with same place name) will show up under the population total. Table at bottom left shows the top N in a row cities (up to 50) you have for each state. If you have #1, 2 and 4 it will show “2” – if you get #3 it will show “4”. NO TIME LIMIT – however occasionally very long flash quiz sessions have caused flash to crash, just a warning.

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