US Landmarks and Cities by Location

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Using the Flash quiz, locate each type of place by clicking near its location on the US map.  There are 5 levels of 20 each.  SEE NOTES.

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz! NOTES: There are 5 levels of 20 places each, each level a different type of place. 20 places are picked randomly from each range for each level, so you will get different places every time you take the quiz. Except for capitals (where you’ll be given the state), you will not usually be given the name of the place, but must recognize it – so there’s more to the quiz than just geography knowledge. Must get 7,500+ points to get a code. Points are awarded based on distance away – I know it is not easy to click exactly on the location so I do not punish small distances close to the location very much, also I know some dots may not be precisely in the correct spot. Red dots are guesses, green dots are answers. Moving the mouse over a red dot will show you the name of the location for the previous photo and distance away you were – *THIS IS HOW YOU SEE THE ANSWER FOR WHAT YOU WERE GUESSING AT* after each photo. Quiz is not timed for now.

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