US Most North, South, East & West Cities By State & Population

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Name the most north, south, east & west cities (or in some cases towns, villages, etc) by state and population category. ‘All’ refers to all places, ’10K’ to 10K+ places, and ’50K’ to 50K+ places. Populations based on most recent estimates (mid-2013).

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  1. 2
    Very good idea but with the time given it’s more like a race… trying anything in the ALL category is an afterthought. I would start with 15 minutes on this one.
    1. 1
      I agree, some more time bonuses would also work (are there any? I didnt see them). This is one of those quizzes I want to get lost in but I just didn’t have the time to think it through.
      1. 0
        there should be bonuses for the city size categories (far right) – i’ll add 5 min.
        1. 0
          Thanks for that. It may not be obvious but cycling through the 50 states menu is time consuming… there was almost no time left to think properly. The 5 extra minutes should bring the quiz to a fine balance between easy and hard.
          1. 0
            unidentifiedwiki, there’s also a time bonus at 250 cities… the problem was to get there. It’s now a bit easier if you know your stuff.
  2. 0
    I protest. This is impossible. Some states have longitudinal or latitudinal borders that make it incredibly ambiguous which city is furthest in a direction.
  3. 0
    How close is Middletown, NJ to being further east than North Bergen? Because the NJ answers not being on the Jersey Shore is incredibly disingenuous.
    1. 0
      a quick glance at North Bergen shows its center is certainly east of Middletown’s – i certainly don’t have coordinates for the boundaries of every single city so i can only go by the single coordinate i have for each.

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