World Closest Capitals Challenge

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Happy Easter to all – I will be back by Monday, April 4th with new quizzes, updates, and monitoring of the site – thanks for your patience while I worked on other things.
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You begin with 20 minutes.  A capital will appear – name the closest capital you can to it among the 10 closest, trying to get the closest and accumulating points.  SEE POINTS NOTES BELOW.


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SCORING: Points are awarded as follows: getting a top 10 closest capital: +5, getting the closest remaining +25 as well as a ‘distance bonus’ which is proportional to the distance corresponding to your answer, completing a capital: +100, skipping a capital: -25.

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    I have spent hours and hours to complete this quiz…and in the end it doesn’t register my score. Grrrr Besides that, very nice quiz
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    I just put a notice up on the main page – try Chrome..had a couple others saying scores weren’t saving automatically with IE.
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    That’s probably the reason…thanks for the update!

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