World Largest Cities By First & Last Letter

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Name the largest World city (min pop 50K) by first/last letter combination. For example, ‘A-M’ is the largest city that starts with A and ends with M. I tried to use a common English spelling for the city name, so there are a good number of judgment calls on this. Sometimes the name may be a longer more official name.

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    would love for this quiz to have more time so i can have a real go at thinking of all the cities. bit of a type fest as it is.
    1. -1
      For extra time try to clean the population categories first. Based on the US version of the quiz, the 3rd one alone (which I haven’t cleaned yet) might give you an extra 6/7 minutes… The first two should be fairly easy.
  2. 0
    I’ve got to think Frankfurt is bigger than the FT listed here.
    1. 0
      I think it was under FN for the full name Frankfurt am Main
      1. 0
        Huh, never knew that was its full name.
        1. 1
          Great thing about this site: You learn something every day! And some days many things.

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