Cities With The Most Tweets

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Name the cities (grouped as metro areas for this quiz) with the highest number of total tweets among a sampling of 3 million geotagged evenly spaced over the past couple years. To qualify as from a city it must have been within 25km of a 250K+ city’s coordinates. Tweets outside 25km from any 250K city were not included. This led to about 2M qualifying tweets. These were then counted as from a city if it was the closest 250K+ city to the tweet. I COMBINED METRO AREAS so some ‘smaller’ 250K+ suburbs of much larger cities were grouped into that larger city. So try to answer the main city of large metro areas. Total tweets and continent of city/metro listed.

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    yes, #1’s total is correct.
    1. 0
      Yes, it appears Indonesians are Twitter crazy… There are more Tweets in Manado and Tasikmalaya than any German or Italian city… odd to say the least. But this list is missing China, India, Taiwan and Australia… weren’t they referenced in the source? Then again, the odd selection makes for an interesting quiz.
      1. 0
        the source was twitter streaming so any place on earth could be in it, those countries had plenty of tweets, just not enough to make the top 100.
        1. 0
          Really strange not to see places like Hong Kong and Mumbai for instance. It kind of defies one’s perception. Thanks.

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