Roman Emperors

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Name the Roman emperors trying to use the simplest/most common names for them. Emperors listed here are those generally considered to be ‘legitimate’ according to historical standards.

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    any naming issues or someone who certainly was legitimate who I left out? let me know.
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    For some reason, I couldn’t get Marcus Aurelius to work…
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    Couple things: 1) The emperor from 222-235 AD is more commonly known as “Alexander Severus” (at least to my knowledge) 2) “Valentinian” is the only name in here that requires roman numerals. Woohoo!
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    I like the old-school Sporcle feel to this quiz.
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    Two thing: First, this quiz correctly accepts “Staurakios,” but not “Stauracius,” the more Latin alternate spelling. This would appear to be because of an extra R–the name that appears is “Strauracius.” Second, Philippikos Bardanes seems to be more commonly known by his first name (that’s what he put on the coins he issued, for instance). “Philippikos” and “Philippicus” should probably be alternate answers there.
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      adding and fixing – thanks.

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