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Name the 25 (or less if less qualified) people who had the most page views on Wikipedia in the 6 years from 2008-2013. All people who were on Wikipedia in at least 25 languages were included in the count. Many people with last names have just those accepted. Popes, Kings, Queens, etc who have a name with a Roman Numeral are accepted in the format “Charles XI” for example. Page views in millions, year and country of birth given. ‘*’ denotes female.

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    Time is a bit harsh on this one… I would suggest you to give a small time bonus at each 100 names or alternately 20 minutes at the start. As it is now it’s a bit of a speed typing kind of quiz.
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          Well, the trick is to finish some categories to earn a bit more time… some have very few entries, try those.
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    “Giotto di Bondone” is simply known as “Giotto” in Italy, so typing “Giotto” to get him is definitely better than typing “Bondone”.
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      added a couple alternates, Qaddafi works now.
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    The “skater” category includes both skateboarders and ice/figure skaters. Not sure it’s something that needs to be changed–just find it amusing!

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