100 Iconic Movie Scenes – Video Quiz

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Press any key to begin – a video will begin playing of 100 movie scenes. Name the movies featured in the video – first two words are accepted for longer movie titles. You can pause and restart the video however cannot scroll, and you only have 1.5 minutes longer than the video itself (the video lasts 4.5 minutes). NOTE: Begin naming scenes after the title screen appears, which is just after the 15 second mark. ALSO one of the scenes is an intro to a series of films..name the main character in them. So you have to think fast and let an answer go if you can’t get it quickly or have run out of pausing time. There are a few movies that are in the video multiple times, you only have to answer them once.

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    It’s a wonderful life is not registering.
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    you have to type out “it’s a wonderful life” in full, and with an apostrophe. there’s no two-word shortcut.

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