100 Movie Insults – Video Quiz

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6/26/2017 – Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive! I have been doing full-time work not allowing me to update the site (this site takes a bit of work to keep going so I figured best to just leave it alone than do mediocre work on it) but am looking soon into new opportunities that will allow the site to expand and grow – not overnight but perhaps within a couple months. Thanks for continuing to visit and hopefully some good news will be on the way! – Darin
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Press any key to begin – a video will begin playing of 100 movie insults. WARNING: there is plenty of R-rated language so this video is definitely NSFW! You can watch it with the volume down but that kinda defeats the entertainment purpose. Name the movies featured in the video – first two words are accepted for longer movie titles. You can pause and restart the video however cannot scroll, and you only have 1 minute longer than the video itself (the video lasts 10 minutes). So you have to think fast and let an answer go if you can’t get it quickly or have run out of pausing time. There are a few movies that are in the video multiple times, you only have to answer them once.

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    feedback welcome on this new type of quiz…if anyone knows a good montage online to make a similar quiz from let me know (one that doesn’t show the answers in the video itself)
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    I enjoyed it you dirty farging corksucking icehole!
  3. 1
    Hey mmayes…does Barry Manilow know you’re raiding his internet comments?
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    This was a fun quiz, although the answers aren’t in the right sequence for some of the last 40 movies — some of the ones on 61-80 show up on 81-100 and vice versa.
  5. 1
    was the 2nd or 3rd one not Priscilla Queen of the Desert? it went by fast so I cant be certain.
    1. 1
      yeah, but the title starts with ‘The Adventures…’

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