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6/26/2017 – Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive! I have been doing full-time work not allowing me to update the site (this site takes a bit of work to keep going so I figured best to just leave it alone than do mediocre work on it) but am looking soon into new opportunities that will allow the site to expand and grow – not overnight but perhaps within a couple months. Thanks for continuing to visit and hopefully some good news will be on the way! – Darin
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First name a director by typing their name followed by a period – i.e. ‘Christopher Nolan.’ – all directors with at least 5 directing credits among all IMDB feature films and docs of 100+ votes thru the end of 2014 are included. Then, name that director’s movies (feature films & docs with over 100 votes as-of end of 2014 only). Movies are in order of most recent listed first, with year and IMDB votes shown. Bonuses are available at 25 and 50 movies. You MUST enter the director’s name as it appears on IMDB (so sometimes a middle initial, etc) and with NO punctuation. Movies can be answered with first two words for longer titles – movies need to be a little more exact for this than other movie quizzes, i.e. you may have to spell out a number instead of typing the value, etc. Do not use any form of punctuation in the movie title.

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Quiz Creation Date: 2-13-2015
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    For David Fincher – shouldn’t “Alien 3” work for whatever the hell you want for that one? A superscript “3” is not generally easy to type.
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    This is a nice quiz, though it suffers from IMDB’s strange decision to list all films under the title used for their first American release. Accepting the original titles for foreign-language films would probably be way more work than you have time for, but perhaps you could add the original (and more commonly used) titles for some of Hitchcock’s British films, for example: The Shame of Mary Boyle = Juno and the Paycock The Girl Was Young = Young and Innocent East of Shanghai = Rich and Strange When Boys Leave Home = Downhill Strauss’ Great Waltz = Waltzes from Vienna
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      Sorry for the formatting of that; I forgot that comments ignore new lines here. I hope my list is intelligible.
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        i’ll add those as alternate answers – thanks.
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    For Kurosawa, can you accept “Yojimbo” as well as Yojinbo?

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