All Most Famous Composers/Conductors/Musicians/Singers In History (MIT’s Pantheon)

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6/26/2017 – Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive! I have been doing full-time work not allowing me to update the site (this site takes a bit of work to keep going so I figured best to just leave it alone than do mediocre work on it) but am looking soon into new opportunities that will allow the site to expand and grow – not overnight but perhaps within a couple months. Thanks for continuing to visit and hopefully some good news will be on the way! – Darin
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Using last names (or occasionally a more commonly known name), name all of the most famous people categorized as composers, conductors, musicians, or singers according to MIT’s Pantheon Project. You can sort the people by overall rank, or view by Occupation/Country of Birth (present-day geography) – Occ/Country are sorted by overall rank. Rank for this list is based on a number of factors, a major one being popularity of the person on Wikipedia across all languages. ‘*’ denotes females. NO TIME LIMIT.

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NOTES: You can see the 50 least guessed answers you got and 50 highest ranking ones you missed by choosing “50 Hardest” and “50 Missed” in the bottom of the rank listbox after the quiz.

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    this was awesome. when I guessed Ricky Martin, I was notified that Puerto Rico was completed, but I didn’t get that for Barbados (Rihanna) or Somalia (K’naan). NBD, still enjoyed it, but thought it was worth mentioning.
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    How does it establish whether someone falls into the musician or singer category? Stevie Wonder is classed as a singer, but Cheryl Cole is a musician? Hmmm…

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