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Using LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION, name all the lyrics in all the Led Zeppelin studio album songs plus a few more. Plurals, possessives, etc are SEPARATE words. Typically, HYPHENATED words in the lyrics are counted as ONE WORD. Numbers are spelled out. Obviously lyrics and sounds can differ on lyrics sites, I went with the data used in the source link, and made some adjustments to errors I spotted or added alternative spellings, etc. Verbs ending in -ing will be answered just typing in ‘in’ without the g, as that’s how they typically sound. Clicking on a song will show the lyrics, left to right, top to bottom.

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    i got most lyrics from a reasonably ‘official’ site – any issues let me know.
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    First line of “Tangerine” is wrong, in that it has “finds” instead of “find”
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    Hey I think there’s a problem around “Royal Orleans”, as the last 3 screens are blank. I suspect that’s where “Ramble On” is actually located because although i don’t see that in the list, the words are accepted by the quiz.
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      yep…ill get this fixed shortly.
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    The lyrics for Bring it On Home for the Little Big Town song, not the Led Zeppelin song.

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