RIAA Certified Duos

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Name all duos with at least a Gold certification by the RIAA (as-of late April, 2014) trying to achieve the most total certifications (gold = 0.5, platinum = 1x for each). Sometimes just one person of the duo being named is sufficient, unless the duo were known much better by another name (i.e. not just two names with ‘and’ between them).

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Quiz creation date: 5-14-2014
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    For some reason Outkast wasn’t coming up as an answer? Also, do Jay Z & Linkin Park and Ludacris & DTP really count as duos?
    1. 0
      will add Outkast (for some reason the RIAA had them under ‘group’ instead of ‘duo’) – I went with however the RIAA classified the artist.
  2. 0
    Indigo Girls should probably be acceptable. Also I am very sad that MC Skat Kat does not get his day in the sun :(.
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    Steely Dan not a duo? Also, Salt N Pepa has DJ Spinderella so if they are accepted then Run DMC (JamMaster Jay) should also be, or neither of them should be.
  4. 0
    Extreme was a four piece band, they should not be an acceptable answer.
    1. 0
      removed them…also added Indigo Girls, some of these are a judgment call…Steely Dan is a group according to RIAA, SaltNPepa/RunDMC could go either way I guess, sticking with the RIAA on those.

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