Game of Thrones Characters

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Using FIRST NAMES – or occasionally a more common name/nickname, name the Game of Thrones characters by image. DO NOT use titles such as “Ser” or “Lord” – use the character’s first/most-common name – i.e. “Stark” won’t be acceptable, nor “Lord Stark.” Occasionally there may be more than one character in the image – the answer is the central character. 50 randomly chosen from about 150.

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  1. 0
    Didn’t accept Ros (her name), Roz, Rosalind for the prostitute.
  2. 1
    There are like three pictures of Ros, only one of which actually works for her.
    1. -1
      I think there were two – I removed the dupe.
      1. 1
        I had 3 Ros’ come up today, and it only took one.
      2. 0
        There are still 3 pics of Ros and only one that works.
  3. 0
    “Septa” is a title, so the answer for that should be “Mordane.”
  4. 1
    I’m not sure that Ros is fixed – every time her picture (the one just of her) has appeared, I’ve tried Ros/Roz/Rosalind and nothing is accepted
      1. 0
        I think you may have Ros and Roslin Frey switched. Ros didn’t work for Ros, but it did work for Roslin Frey, who is never called that.
  5. 0
    It’s a shame the answer doesn’t come up when you get it wrong, or click next. Some of these minor characters are confusing! Also, Theon didn’t work, and neither did Reek.
    1. 0
      Theon works, just tested it.

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