hugequiz Needs Your Help

Hello all – in the past week the traffic to hugequiz has grown by leaps and bounds over its typical levels, which is definitely a good thing! However there are a few growing pains associated with that.

I have upgraded the server a bit which isn’t that much of a cost, however hugequiz’s map quizzes use Google Maps, which does cost money, and the cost of it has grown quite a bit to say the least 🙂

That’s why I’m hoping with your support I can offset those costs and keep the maps-based quizzes going for all users to enjoy. Please have a look at the benefits of becoming a hugequiz Premium member. Becoming a member gives you twice as much time on many quizzes (and double the time bonuses), a stats page, and a number of other benefits. At about $1 a month for monthly options or only $19.99 for a Lifetime Membership, it’s affordable hopefully and helps me keep the site running and pretty much every quiz available to even non-members. Interested in signing up? You can do so here.

hugequiz is a one-man operation. I’m the Founder, CEO, middle manager, mail room boy, and janitor around here 🙂 I don’t have ads on the site (I hate them, and I know you do too), so only memberships keep it going. With your support hugequiz can keep providing you great new quizzes and updated data, and be free for new users to check out!

Thanks and happy quizzing!


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