Image quizzes have a visual aspect, be it sorting images or just naming or organizing people or events.

Camera-icon  100 Paramount Movies Poster
Camera-icon  20th & 21st Century Events Sorter
Camera-icon  50 Albums By Blurred Cover
Camera-icon  50 Actors & Actresses By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Athletes With Difficult Names
Camera-icon  50 Boy Scouts Merit Badges
Camera-icon  50 Classic Rock Artists By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Companies By Blurred Logo
Camera-icon  50 DC & Marvel Comic Book Characters By Image
Camera-icon  50 Dog Breeds By Photo
Camera-icon  50 ESPN Personalities By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Euro Football Stadiums By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Famous People With Difficult Names
Camera-icon  50 Football Players By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Glam Rock Artists By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Mammals By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Movie Characters By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Movies By Blurred Poster
Camera-icon  50 Movies By Mini Movie Poster
Camera-icon  50 Music Artists By Photo
Camera-icon  50 Of The 1000 Most Famous People In History By Image (MIT’s Pantheon)
Camera-icon  50 Most Famous People In History By Image – The 1900’s (MIT’s Pantheon)
Camera-icon  50 Rap & Hip-Hop Artists By Photo
Camera-icon  50 TV Series By Image
Camera-icon  50 US State & City Flags
Camera-icon  50 World Capitals By Photo
Camera-icon  50 World Flags As Drawn By A Child
Camera-icon  50 World Flags Of Non-Countries
Camera-icon  50 World Landmark Locations By Photo
Camera-icon  All 719 Pokemon
Camera-icon  Breaking Bad Characters
Camera-icon  Disney Characters
Camera-icon  European Football Blurred Logos
Camera-icon  Game of Thrones Characters
Camera-icon  Guillemin’s Famous Capsules
Camera-icon  Lost Characters
Camera-icon  Mad Men Characters
Camera-icon  MLB Players By Photo
Camera-icon  NBA 5000-Point Scorers By Photo
Camera-icon  NCAA 2014 Tournament Teams By Logo
Camera-icon  NCAA Division I 100 Logos
Camera-icon  NCAA Division I All Logos
Camera-icon  NCAA Division I Blurred Logos
Camera-icon  NHL 500-Point Scorers By Photo
Camera-icon  Orange Is The New Black Characters
Camera-icon  Simpsons Cast Poster Characters
Camera-icon  US Big 4 Blurred Logos
Camera-icon  US City Skylines
Camera-icon  Where’s WALL-E Poster
Camera-icon  World Capitals By Country Flag
Camera-icon  World City Skylines
Camera-icon  World Countries Blurred Flags
Camera-icon  World Countries Flags

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