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    Refrigerant evaporator coil Introduction
    The condenser coil is made by top quality steel pipe. For closed circuit cooling tower, red copper, stainless steel and galvanized steel material are available for customer’s selection. And for evaporative condenser, stainless steel and galvanized steel are selected mostly.
    Main Features of Refrigerant evaporator coil
    1.The refrigerant charge less power consumption
    2. Lighter Operating weight
    3.Smaller area
    4.The overall design can reduce the possibility of fouling.

    Why choose Gewabin Refrigerant evaporator coil?
    1. Gewabin is a professional Refrigerant evaporator coil condenser manufacturer.
    2. We are very strict in quality control, every coil is tested twice or three times before usage.
    3. Our welding workers are all high-skilled in welding.
    4. Customized design&demision is available.
    If you have any demand for the condensing coils, please feel free contact us.
    Jingsu Gewabin Heat technology Co., Ltd is termed as the leading Industrial Evaporative Condenser Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from China. We offer high performing Industrial and Commercial Evaporative Condensers that are specially designed by expert engineers to make them easy to use and operate. The unique design and special heat transfer efficiency have made them ultimate choice available in the market.
    Condenser Coil manufacturers

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