25 Largest Islands, Mountains, Rivers & Lakes

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Name the 25 largest islands, tallest mountains, longest rivers and largest lakes by area in the world. River coordinates are at the mouth of the river. Try to name the most common name of the feature, some alternates are accepted however.

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    Darin, check the spelling for lake #14 please. It doesn’t accept his common, and AFAIK only, name.
    1. 0
      ah, had an alternate – added the most common one.
  2. 0
    Those tallest mountains aren’t particularly evenly distributed.
    1. 0
      In theory mountains surely belong on a quiz like this one but when you look at where they all fall… Perhaps deserts would be a more interesting choice. It still could be added really. On the other hand maybe this is Darin’s way to catch cheaters… I wouldn’t want to score 100 on this one. lol
  3. 1
    Erm… when I move the map around the markers disappear. Nice quiz, though.
    1. 0
      To clarify the problem after another play-through: the markers disappear when you move the map across the Pacific from America to China.
      1. 0
        that’s a mapquest bug..you have to move west to keep the markers visible.
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    Please accept Lake Nyasa for Lake Malawi

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