50 World Capitals By Photo

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Name the world capital city shown in each of the 50 photos (chosen at random from 197 capitals). Continent is given.

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    Would it be possible to see which ones we skipped?
    1. 0
      Besides capital knowledge, without which you’re not able to play this quiz, and some luck regarding the capitals selected, this is also a memory game… the more you’ll play the more you’ll guess. The continent hint already narrow the options, if you would get to see the names for the capitals you’ve skipped then it would be a bit easy.
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    Seems like Port-Au-Prince must be written with hyphens, it wouldn’t accept it when I wrote “Port au Prince”. Shouldn’t just “Port au Prince” be enough?
    1. 0
      it should’ve taken just ‘portauprince’ (lowercase), i double-checked it.
      1. 0
        Hmm, you’re right, it worked fine now. I tried like ten times last time without dashes before i finally got it with my first try using hyphens. Well, guess I somehow managed to misspell it ten times in a row before spelling it correctly when I used the hyphens then. My bad!
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    I think the poster above meant Port of Spain which does require hypens
      1. 0
        yep! also I love the replayability of this quiz! I keep playing it over and over and I see new pictures each go…and it makes me wanna actually see these places! :D
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    Also, theres a picture of an African capital that doesn’t have an answer. The picture is of Accra (I went to look it up) but Accra doesn’t work…but I could’ve sworn I answered that in the past on a different picture and it worked so I don’t know
    1. 0
      hmm accra does work for its picture – if you see it again shoot me a screenshot via my email on the contact page.
    2. 0
      I checked my database (I collected the pictures for this quiz) and Accra is there… it’s also correctly labeled so it might be a glitch of some sort.

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