Euro 200 Cities Locator

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Click on the location of each of the 200 largest Europe cities. The closer you click, the more points you get (max 100).

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Quiz is NOT timed. Be careful clicking and dragging the map around too quickly, if you click and release it will count as a guess. Don’t worry about pinpointing each city, I made the points so that you are not punished many points by missing it by a small distance, however the points decline rapidly at larger distances. Russian cities from Urals west and Turkish cities in Europe included. After a guess, you can move the mouse over a GREEN marker to see an actual location, and over a RED marker to see your guess along with what you were guessing at and the distance.

Quiz Updated: 6-15-2014
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    The Brussels location appears to be off…over Tiersen, Belgium. And I’m not sure where Antwerp showed up, but the game incorrectly said I was 100 km off.

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