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7/26/2017 – Hi again – I’m looking to hopefully by the end of August begin redoing the site with a fresh look and new features, hopefully to be done sometime before the end of September. This includes a new design, appearance, scorekeeping (hopefully with live leaderboards) and more. Keep an eye out! Also I will be removing the Flash quizzes and geography quizzes that aren’t using Google Maps by then (remaking some of them after the remodel) to make the site more clean and organized.
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First, choose a country and level by typing the first three letters of the country followed by the level, i.e. “FRA2” – use ‘BLG’ for Belgium, ‘SLK’ for Slovakia, ‘SLV’ for Slovenia and ‘GBR’ for the UK. Level 1 typically has a 25 closest, level 2 is 10, and level 3 is 5 – countries with less places than normal will have these numbers adjusted downward. Naming places will have the N closest places to it (including itself) filled in, where N is the number determined by the level. Try to cover all places for your country in the time given – you get more time for more places and harder levels.

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  1. 1
    Is there something wrong in Norway? I have got all the places covered many times over but all I get is 50/51. The stats say that I’ve only 11/12 500-1k places, but the quiz is 10k+, so I shouldn’t even be required to get all of them, or am I missing something? Thanks.
    1. 0
      ah…it’s due to the circles being so large and, you are probably missing something in southern norway, the circle radii for the very northern places that have very large distances are creating blue shaded areas that are too large – i’ll see if i can correct this.
      1. 0
        I was playing Belgium at level 3 and partly had the same problem. It says there’s one 500-1M city and one 100-250k city. The third biggest, according to the quiz, is 25-50k. And most of the places are 500-1K (120) or less than 500 k (130). That’s not really what Belgium is like.
        1. 0
          ahh…i had the labels wrong…fixing now.
  2. 0
    Why not include the Canary Islands for Spain, Madeira for Porugal, etc.?
    1. 0
      Darin defined that, according to geography rather than political criteria, Madeira and the Canary Islands would be placed in the African quizzes. It’s debatable but such are the rules.
    2. 0
      my Europe quizzes are typically based on Europe geographically, otherwise I would have all of France’s overseas dependencies, etc.
      1. 0
        Cyprus isn’t geographically in Europe either but you still include it
        1. 0
          some major sources include it in Europe…i.e. UN, CIA Factbook…so it’s debatable and i stuck with the convention used on my old quizzes site :)

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