Europe Cities By First 2 Letters Race

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SEE RULES BELOW…use LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION to name as many of the top 10 largest cities by first two letters before time runs out. Tried to use most common (often English) spelling for cities.

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz! RULES: Only the 43 2-LETTER beginnings with 75+ cities over 10K population are included. You start with only 5 minutes. Two letters will appear initially – name the largest city beginning with those 2 letters, then the letters will change after an answer and you do the same for the next letters that show up. You get 10 SECONDS EXTRA TIME each time you extend the top cities in a row for each prefix you complete. When you name the largest city for the prefix you will get 10 seconds, when you complete the top 2 you get 10 seconds, etc. After every answer for a prefix the quiz will choose another 2 letters at random with weighting (SEE NOTE BELOW ON HOW – COULD be the same letters) and the top 10 will display. IF TWO CITIES have the same name in for that prefix, you will ONLY have the one with higher population answered for your guess. YOU CAN TYPE ‘next’ to skip a beginning if you are stumped on it – HOWEVER you are docked 15 seconds, and could possibly get the same letters chosen randomly on the next turn. NOTE: Letters are chosen at random based on a random number PROPORTIONAL to the population of unguessed cities left for them, so a beginning with total pop of unguessed cities of 2M is twice as likely as one of 1M of being selected. EXAMPLE: let’s say you name the 2nd biggest city for the letters your first turn on it…you get NO bonus time. Second time on it you get the top city – you then get 10 bonus seconds. If you had gotten the top city first and then the 2nd biggest you would have gotten 20 (10 + 10) total seconds of bonus time. YOU MUST THINK VERY QUICKLY AT FIRST, and know your largest cities by beginning letters..that is the goal of this quiz.

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    I’m only every getting letter pairs in the first half of the alphabet. I’ve played through a number of times and I’ve only ever got AL, AR, BA, BE, BI, BO, BR, BU, CA, CH, CO, GR, HA, HE, HO, KA, KO, KR, LA, LE, LI, LO, MA and MO. That’s only 24 of the 42 pairs which are supposed to be in the game. The population proportion rule and the 75+ cities rule don’t account for this do they!?
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      ugh…my bad…it’s fixed now.
  2. 5
    Why not make a HUGE version and include ALL the possible two-letter combinations (even if there are fewer than 75 cities)? I mean, even if there is only “Lviv” for “LV”, why not include it? In the word quizzes, you include letters like X etc., even if there’s only “xerox” and “xray” or whatever :-) Think about it.

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