Europe Largest Cities By Last Letter

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Using lower case and no punctuation, name the 50 largest European cities of 10K+ population by the last letter in their name. Tried to use the most common often English spelling for the names, but there will be discrepancies due to alternate spellings.

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Quiz Creation Date: 4-14-2014
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    Lokks like there’s a problem with 2+ words cities. I can’t enter any. A good quiz I was expecting for, anyway !
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    For some names with alternate spellings, the displayed version is not accepted, but the alternate version is: Nizhny Novgorod, Velikiy Novgorod, The Hague, St Petersburg, and A Coruna are the ones that I noticed. Probably related to axgtd’s comment. Also, I would argue that Antwerp is more commonly used in English than Antwerpen is.
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    I tried st petersburg and it didn’t seem to work, I then tried Saint Petersburg and it worked.
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      it works now, you may have to reload the quiz.
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        Still doesn’t work for me, though some of the other ones I mentioned did. Also, did you remove some of the alternate spellings for Ukrainian cities? I couldn’t figure out Kryvyi Rih and Mykolayiv.
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    Tiranë is not the most commonly used English spelling

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