Europe Travel 40 Countries Distance Challenge

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The object of this game is to travel around Europe via 25K+ cities and with a stop in each of the qualifying 40 countries with the lowest total distance traveled. Begin by typing in any 25K+ city (SEE NAMING NOTES BELOW – IMPORTANT AS THERE ARE DUPLICATE NAMES). Then being typing successive cities and you will accumulate driving distance and your route will be shown. Keep in mind there is a 20 min time limit. Once you have finished making a stop (traveling thru a country doesn’t count, you must end up in a city there) in each country, your total distance is your score. ALSO NOTE – PLEASE WAIT until the route is displayed before typing in the next city, it should happen very quickly. You can zoom in and see all the city labels, this quiz is about finding the shortest distance not knowing all the city names, so feel free to zoom and use the labels all you want. Iceland and Cyprus are NOT INCLUDED on this quiz. Also, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Vatican, and Liechtenstein do not qualify. Some routes possible can be over water (ferry routes).

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NAMING NOTES: Many places have similar names. For example, “Brest” is not unique. To choose Brest, France, simply type “brestfr”, using the first two letters of the English country name after the city (i.e. ‘ru’ for Russia, ‘un’ for United Kingdom). **ALSO NOTE** some answers require typing in other answers you may not want to guess. In this case, if you want to answer “Moscow”, simply type it..”Mos, Spain” will not be chosen. If you want simply “Mos” type ‘mos.’ with the period at the end. LASTLY, in some cases there are multiple places of the same name in a single country. Newcastle, UK is an example. To choose the largest Newcastle (typically the one you want), type ‘newcastleun1′ – the others would be ‘newcastleun2′, ‘newcastleun3′ and so on (need the country first two letters for ALL cities of which there is more than one in that country). So basically, if the city isn’t coming up after you type the name, try adding a “.” after, or the first two country letters, or in rarer cases the first two country letters plus a number.

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  1. 0
    Cant figure out the one I’m missing. Managed to figure Montenegro and Luxembourg (which added an extra 10k) but cant see the other one.
  2. 0
    @Fusty: In my case, it was Italy. Couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I had missed. I had actually been down there on the way from Monaco to Switzerland, but forgot to actually enter an Italian city to “visit” it.
  3. 0
    fyi I made a mistake fixing something so this quiz is down til later today when I can fix it properly
  4. 0
    Strangely Eindhoven and Almelo in the Netherlands are not reachable. Not that they’re essential for the game but it’s weird. Some other cities work one way only… Waterford —> Swansea ok but Swansea —> Waterford no good. Of course MapQuest is to blame not Darin.
    1. 0
      And while I’m at it… Brugges? Bruges? Brugge? How do you enter this city? None seem to work.
      1. 0
        Ok, solved this one… it’s Brugge. (with the point)
  5. 0
    Weird, I didn’t get into the high score list. Not that my score was great…
    1. 0
      From my experience both this Quiz and the US version won’t save scores on occasion… Taking the quiz again usually solves the issue.
      1. 0
        Thanks, tried it again (with a slightly different route that wasn’t much better) and it worked this time.
        1. 0
          Well, with that score at least there’s a lot of room for you to improve. I’m 1.500 km’s away from the lead and it looks huge. lol Google Maps is second to none tracing the routes… just played a distance challenge quiz that hasn’t yet been updated to MapQuest and it was a much more sleek experience overall.

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