German District Largest Cities

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Name the largest cities in each German district. SEE NOTES.

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NOTES: A few districts have no markers in them – this is due to a shapefile created before some of them (mostly in the NE) merged, I couldn’t find an up to date shapefile. Credit is also given for completing the 16 German states (boundaries highlighted in a lighter color). Hovering the mouse over a marker will show the name of the district, the state, and the pop of the largest city. IF THE DISTRICT IS AN URBAN DISTRICT (a ‘kreisfreien St├Ądte’) only the part of the name WITHOUT the city’s name will be displayed (usually it will say “Stadt District”), otherwise you’d easily be able to name about 100 of them. Markers are coded according to population categories on bottom right.

Quiz Creation Date: 3-13-2012
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    There’s no way to register scores on this quiz.
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    When you had this quiz on Sporcle, the cities either disappeared or turned a certain color, I forget. But on this quiz, there is no way to know which cities you have named and which not.
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      they turn green when you guess them on this one.
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    This is not up to date (cf. your more recent quiz “Germany Districts”). There have been quite a few reforms, especially in the more rural areas in the East. Not that it really matters though.

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