World Largest Cities By Any 3 Letters

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Enter a region and the either “1k” or “5k” for number of cities..i.e. “world1k” – then name as many cities as you can by typing 3-letter combinations in city names. “Saint” and “Fort” are spelled out. There are two 2-letter cities which will fill in after the 2 letters are typed.

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz!NOTES: Letters cannot be separated by a space. You start with 10 MINUTES for 1k versions, and 15 MINUTES for 5k. Time bonuses for 2500/4000/4500 cities and Top 100/250/500. The top 50 UNANSWERED cities are shown in the table. Quiz may lag slightly on initial answers but should speed up pretty quickly. Tried to use most common (usually English) spellings. Clicking 50 HARDEST and 50 MISSED buttons *AFTER* entering your name and saving score will show the 50 answers you got that the least others did and the 50 largest cities you missed.

Quiz Creation Date: 10-28-2013
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    Typing ‘all’ for alldone got me an extra city or two. :P
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    Seems impossible to get Bo and possibly other 2-letter cities.

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