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Enter a state abbreviation in the white box at bottom right. Then within 10 minutes, guess the locations of the 50 largest cities in that state (or 19 for NV, 39 for RI as that’s all they have), trying to double-click as close as possible for the most points. PLEASE NOTE you DOUBLE-CLICK on this quiz as opposed to single clicking on previous location quizzes. Zooming is possible with the mouse wheel or slider at left.

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NOTES: After a guess, you can move the mouse over a GREEN marker to see an actual location, and over a RED marker to see your guess along with what you were guessing at and the distance.

Quiz creation date: 3-24-2014
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    I get the same API key error message.
  2. 0
    That didn’t work, but thanks for the suggestion.
  3. 0
    Google mapquest “API Key not valid” and browse the results. You’ll eventually find the solution to the problem.
  4. 0
    Everything worked just fine for me. However, the little popups that point out what each dot was were blocking the spots I wanted to guess, because so many cities are so close to each other. Is there a way to make them disappear (like press escape or something?)
    1. 0
      not really that i know of, you can zoom in though to click closer to them easily.
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    The dot for New Milford, CT is in the wrong place.

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