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In 10 min, name US 5K+ cities/towns/etc in order A-Z to achieve the highest population (or city count, but population is the main goal).  Names before your last answer won’t be accepted.  SEE NOTES.

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NOTES – For alphabetizing purposes I used the census names meaning Fort is “Fort” and Saint is “St” and Mount is “Mount” – you can type “Saint” or “Ft” but it will alphabetize accoring to St and Fort. Use LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION.

Quiz Creation Date: 5-19-2012
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    Could we get the player rankings for this? And more time? Maybe even a list of (largest) cities per letter?
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      There are still a handful of quizzes without scoreboard but this one ends up being a bit redundant as you can play basically the same quiz on the World City Population Blitz. The quiz title might be slightly misleading as you can select US only there. As for timing, more than 10 minutes and it wouldn’t be a blitz.
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        Nah, they have a different concept because in this one, names that are alphabetically before the ones you’ve entered aren’t accepted. As for the blitz part, it doesn’t have to be a blitz – I would enjoy different time options.
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          Yes you’re right… I’ve overlooked the alphabetical thing. Well, I’m sure this quiz will eventually be remade/updated.

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