US Cities On Major Rivers – Choose River

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First, name one of the following 8 major rivers: Arkansas, Colorado, Columbia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Rio Grande or Snake. Then, name the cities of 1K+ population which are on that river. I counted a city as on the river if it was within the following distance for each city size range: 1-25K: 2.5 miles, 25-100K: 5 miles, 100-500K: 10 miles, 500K+: 15 miles. Cities are sorted along by coordinates which are either E-W or N-S depending on the direction of the river..they may not all be exactly in order along the river’s path, they are ordered by latitude or longitude.

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    I think you should only include cities which border the rivers themselves for these quizzes, as opposed to measuring from the center of town. For instance, Rio Rancho, NM borders the Rio Grande, but its center is a bit away.
    1. 0
      it was the only way i could make the quiz without actually tracing each river manually on a map – i had the river coordinates and city coordinates. i can add any manually that should be added.
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    I think some of your latitudes for the Colorado are off. It flows into the Gulf of California at about 31.8 degrees north
    1. 0
      yep, the coordinates I had somehow split off into the Colorado river in TX – should be good now.
  3. 0
    Helena-West Helena AR is missing from the Mississippi list.
    1. 1
      from my criteria and coordinates it missed by 0.1 miles, however i’ll add it as it definitely is a river city.
      1. 0
        Thanks. What about Broken Arrow for Arkansas River?
        1. 0
          that one’s just a little far off, and hurting it was the fact it’s population is just under 100K. there are probably a number of very close cities like this, but that’s why I have criteria.

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