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Name the cities on the coasts of the US 48 states. Coasts are considered the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts. As defining whether a city is coastal or not can be somewhat arbitrary, I used the following criteria for the max distance to a coastline based on the city’s population as follows: 0-5K population: 2.5 miles, 5-50K: 5 miles, 50-100K: 7.5 miles, 100-500K: 10 miles, 500K+: 15 miles. Bays/river deltas/etc which are on the coast are generally not considered part of the depends how much it is considered part of the ocean/gulf shoreline based on the my criteria above and the coastline coordinates I used from the US Census website. Cities are listed in a ‘clockwise’ order, N to S along the Atlantic, E to W along the Gulf, and S to N along the Pacific – this is based on coordinates and a few cities may be out of order based on actually traversing the coastline.

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    Could really use more time bonuses on this one. I typed pretty furiously and only got as far as Florida before time ran out.
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      i’ll bump up the time and bonuses.
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    As a former resident of Baltimore, I wouldn’t consider it coastal, even with the 15 mile range. Going by way of the bay you don’t reach the ocean until past the VA border. I’d definitely consider Savannah and Jacksonville coastal before Bawlmer.
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    The time constraints here are impossible. What are the bonuses? You should specifically mention what the bonuses are in the directions.
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    Cape Cod and other features of the Atlantic that cross the same latitude make the towns not in order (e.g. Truro and Welfleet occur several towns after Plymouth on the coastline)

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