US Cities Far From Interstates

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Name the US 10K+ Cities at least 10 miles (SEE NOTES) from the nearest Interstate Highway, trying to accumulate points. READ NOTES.

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz! NOTES – 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES ONLY. Quiz is TIMED – you start with 20 minutes but can obtain TIME BONUSES for completing certain numbers of cities and the categories listed on the left. Mousing over a completed city will show its info as well as distance and closest Interstate (represented by the line which appears as well). Points are a formula based on both Population and Distance…higher population cities will get equivalent points at a closer distance to a smaller city farther away. For an idea of how the formula works, a city of 100K 25 miles from an Interstate is equivalent in points to a city of 50K 41 miles away or a city of 10K 130 miles away. Top 50/100 are based on points, and a city answered in the top 100 will have its points rank displayed next to its marker on the map. QUALIFYING CITIES: For a city to qualify it must: be at least 10K population, not have an Interstate going thru the city limits, and have a distance from the geographical center (according to the USGS coordinates) of at least 10 miles (by air) to the nearest interstate highway. This disqualifies a city such as Virginia Beach, whose city center is just over 10 miles from I-64 however has I-264 well within its city limits. Other cities MAY HAVE parts of them much closer than 10 miles, but the distance used is from the city’s center. This applies to some suburbs, for example.

Quiz creation date: 12-8-2012
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    This quiz could use an update. Since it was created at least two new interstates have been added to the system: I-2 in South Texas and I-41 in Wisconsin.

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