US Minimum Circles Coverage Challenge

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Within 30 minutes and using LOWER CASE with NO PUNCTUATION, cover all US cities of 5K+ population with circles of 100-mile radii by naming cities (SEE NAMING NOTES BELOW). All 50 states must have their 5K+ cities covered. You won’t get to see dots for cities you covered (which can still be guessed), only the ones you’ve guessed. Object is cover all 5K+ cities is as FEW CIRCLES as possible.

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NOTES – PLEASE READ NAMING NOTES AT BOTTOM as well. ‘Cities’ for the purpose of this quiz also includes any 5K+ places such as towns, boroughs, MI charter townships, NJ townships, HI CDP’s (but no CDP’s in other states), etc. So most townships, unincorporated places, etc are NOT included on this quiz, as they aren’t on my others.
**NAMING NOTES** Many places have similar names. For example, Jackson is not unique. To choose Jackson, MI, simply type “jacksonmi”, and so on. **ALSO NOTE** some answers require typing in other answers you may not want to guess. In this case, if you want to answer “Wichita Falls, TX”, simply type ‘wichitafalls’..Wichita, KS will not be chosen. If you want simply “Wichita” type ‘wichita.’ with the period at the end. So for example, note that typing in “phoenix” will not answer Phoenix, AZ – so that means either there is another place in another state where you must put “phoenixaz”, or another city starting with “Phoenix”, which is the case in this example – so typing ‘phoenix.’ will get you your answer. LASTLY, in a couple cases there are multiple places of the same name in a single state. Madison, WI is an example. To choose the largest Madison (typically the one you want), type ‘madisonwi1′ – the rest are ‘madisonwi2′ and so on (need the state too as there are madison’s in other states) – this is quite rare. So basically, if the city isn’t coming up after you type the name, try adding a “.” after, or the state abbreviation, or in rare cases the state abbr plus a number.

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    this was an old quiz i had as a contest but never moved over to the Geography section, thus there are high scores already for it.
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    I’m not getting much work done today with all of these new quizzes. Loving it!!
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    Ah yes, my near-podium. Strange not many players gave it a go on this one… Glad it’s playable again.
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    Oh, man, this was one of my favorites–very happy to see it back. Trying to crack that contest was immensely helpful in learning remote small lilypads to use in the other circle and distance challenges.
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    FYI, “West Chester” activates two locations simultaneously, in PA and IL.

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