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You begin with Los Angeles, CA marked and listed along with its population. The object of this quiz is to name the closest city that is between half and 50% more than the current city’s population. So, if the current city has a population of 1,000,000, you are trying to answer with the closest city between 500,000 and 1.5 million. You get 5 seconds bonus time for every answer. Quiz continues with cities of descending size among the US top 501 (New York is left off as no city is at least half as large).

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    there was a bug with scores not recording…should be fixed now.
  2. 0
    I suppose I don’t understand the concept of this quiz. If Los Angeles at around 8,000,000 is the starting point, the only city that would qualify as the closest one within the population range is New York, right?
    1. 0
      I think that’s a bug… the population shown below Los Angeles is that of New York’s. But there’s something confusing indeed… the second city should be either Chicago or Houston but it only accepts Houston while marking Chicago on the map and displaying LA’s population below it. Some people have already taken the quiz so perhaps I’m not getting the concept too. Meanwhile I’ve left time run out and got an amazing score of 1.
      1. 0
        Same here – I typed “Houston” and it marked Chicago, and now seemingly won’t accept any other answer. What am I missing?
  3. 0
    i’m fixing the population thing now so it will show the population of the city which is marked. The city marked is the next city for you to answer a similar sized city of, answers you enter will not be marked..the only city marked is the city you are on for which you need to answer a similar-sized city.
    1. 1
      Ok, got it now… I think the population bug just added to the confusion. Ingenious quiz.
  4. 0
    The data seems very weird. How can Dallas’s answer be Fort Worth, but Fort Worth’s answer not be Dallas?
    1. 0
      ah, you’re right i had an error in the description…it is cities within half the size and 1.5 times the size of the marked city…which then makes sense as Ft Worth’s population X 1.5 is just under Dallas’s.
  5. 2
    Looks like a lot of people are getting stuck on/giving up on Honolulu…
    1. 0
      It’s a California city for sure but several qualify and I ran out of time trying some. Must give it another try soon.
      1. 0
        I think I have that answer down to five possible cities: Chula Vista, Anaheim, Long Beach, Santa Ana and Riverside.

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