US Bordering Counties Challenge – Choose State

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First type a state’s abbreviation – ONLY states with 20+ counties are used in this quiz. Then, name counties in the state such that any neighboring counties will also fill in – DO NOT use punctuation. Try to fill in the entire state in as few guesses as possible. Borders include points and over water. All county and county equivalents (such as parishes, independent cities) are included. NAMING NOTES: In VA, there are five cities named the same as a county – to answer the county type the name followed by ‘.’ – for the city add ‘city’ to the end – i.e. ‘richmond.’ and ‘richmondcity’ For a handful of counties, you must type that county name to type a longer name in the same state (i.e. ‘clay’ and ‘clayton’) – to answer the shorter name add a ‘.’ at the end – so for Clay County, GA you need to type ‘clay.’ as there is a Clayton County, GA. So IF A COUNTY IS NOT WORKING try adding ‘.’ to the end.

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    lots going on in this quiz, if you notice any issues let me know. there may be a handful of not exact outlines for some very small counties, i don’t have a better shapefile for the outlines.
    1. 0
      Florida map – I typed Pasco but Hernando didn’t fill in.
      1. 0
        just tried it and it worked…if you can recreate this let me know.
        1. 0
          Thanks. I guess I got Citrus and Hernando mixed up. I typed Pasco and only one county turned red. I assumed it was Pasco that turned red.
  2. 0
    There are some issues with Virginia. A good percentage of the independent cities aren’t outlined. I have the entire state red with 119/134 counties found but there’s nothing more I can do.
    1. 0
      ah, yeah. unfortunately the shapefile which overlays the map for VA doesn’t show all the independent cities. it should be fixed now as far as counting the counties/cities correctly (so you can get 134), but there are a handful of smaller divisions that don’t show up.
      1. 0
        Excellent, thanks for all you hard work.

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