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The object of this game is to travel around the US via 10K+ cities and with a stop in each of the 48 states with the lowest total distance traveled. Begin by typing in any 10K+ city (SEE NAMING NOTES BELOW – IMPORTANT AS THERE ARE DUPLICATE NAMES). Then being typing successive cities and you will accumulate driving distance and your route will be shown. Keep in mind there is a 20 min time limit. Once you have finished making a stop (traveling thru a state doesn’t count, you must end up in a city there) in each state, your total distance is your score. ALSO NOTE – PLEASE WAIT until the route is displayed before typing in the next city, it should happen very quickly. You can zoom in and see all the city labels, this quiz is about finding the shortest distance not knowing all the city names, so feel free to zoom and use the labels all you want.

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NAMING NOTES: Many places have similar names. For example, “Jacksonville” is not unique. To choose Jacksonville, FL, simply type “jacksonvillefl”, and so on. **ALSO NOTE** some answers require typing in other answers you may not want to guess. In this case, if you want to answer “Wichita Falls, TX”, simply type it..”Wichita, KS” will not be chosen. If you want simply “Wichita” type ‘wichita.’ with the period at the end. NOTE that typing in “phoenix” will not answer Phoenix, AZ – so that means either there is another place in another state where you must put “phoenixaz”, or another city starting with “Phoenix”, which is the case in this example – so typing ‘phoenix.’ will get you your answer. LASTLY, in a couple cases there are multiple places of the same name in a single state. Madison, WI is an example. To choose the largest Madison (typically the one you want), type ‘madisonwi1’ – the rest are ‘madisonwi2’ and so on (need the state too as there are madison’s in other states) – this is quite rare.

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    ok hopefully the score not saving issue is fixed…
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    fyi I screwed something up fixing a bug so the quiz is down til I get home and fix the bad version..ill fix any bad scores too.
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    I got awarded the badge when I was at (I believe) 7,605 miles. If not that exact number, around there. More than 100 miles off.
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    My top score is a bit of a sham. I entered in the last city before all the route legs had loaded. For whatever reason, the route legs were loading really slowly for me.
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    I’ve tried taking the quiz several times and can’t get the distance counter to update. Thanks.
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        believe it’s hopefully a temporary Mapquest issue – I’ll keep an eye on it.

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