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6/28/2017 – Ads and Google surveys are gone! Hopefully not to return…also I’m migrating to HTTPS so that should fix some location-based geo quizzes. High scores may not work properly during this process, shouldn’t take more than a day or two.
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Travel the 50 US capitals by clicking successively on them as a route displays. The object is to travel all 50 in the shortest overall distance as computed by Mapquest’s driving routes – EXCEPT AK & HI which are flown to/from. Click any city to start your journey, then simply single-click on a green marker to visit that city.

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    this quiz is replacing the US Capitals Distance Challenge and adding AK & HI – so I had to reset the high scores, sorry.
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    My score logged as 14,896 because apparently it hadn’t loaded a distance when I clicked on the last one. My final distance was actually 15,752. Not sure if you can fix it or not, but just wanted to let you know of a bug.
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      I’ve run some tests on other recent distance quizzes in search of bugs like that one because in the past these MapQuest route quizzes were a bit buggy and allowed fake results. Found none till now. Perhaps the final score could only be accepted if 50 routes are calculated? Either way thanks Solina for pointing that out and not just run away with a fake 1st place.
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    fixing this bug now, will remove any high scores i deem may have been attributed to it on this and the other recent click-distance ones.
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    alright i removed the top 5 scores and fixed a bug that may have led to shorter routes – maybe those scores were the result of the bug maybe not, i don’t know, anyhow it should be fixed now.
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    Finished this with 15,232, but didn’t receive the badge.
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      Hummm… there’s no 15,232 score on this quiz. Are you sure you’re posting in the right quiz comments? Or perhaps your score didn’t register… it happens on occasion and all you have to do is to retake the quiz.

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