World 100K Km Challenge

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Pick a 100K+ population world city to start, then in 15 minutes ‘travel’ to the highest population of 100K+ world cities without going over 100,000 km. ┬áSEE NOTES ON NAMING BELOW.

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NOTES: Distances are by great circle. NAMING NOTES – Use LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION. Many cities will either require another city to be typed in first (ie Lima & Limassol) or have a similar named city in another country. TO GET AROUND THIS: for shorter named cities that are the same as the beginning of a longer city’s name, type a “.” at the end of the short city’s name…i.e. to answer Lima, Peru, you will need to type “lima.” – this prevents Lima from answering Limassol, Cyprus. For cities in multiple countries, type the city name followed by the FIRST TWO LETTER of the country’s english name – USE “US” for the US and “UK” for the UK. So, to answer San Jose, Costa Rica, type “sanjoseco”. FOR CITIES IN MULTIPLE US STATES, type the city name followed by state abbr, i.e. “springfieldmo”. ONE CITY in California has a identically named city in Canada, to answer the one in California, add “usca” instead of just “ca” to the end. ONE CITY not in the US exists twice in the same country, to answer this type in the city name followed by the first two letters of the country for the one on the main continent, and the first two letters of the department of that country for the one on the other continent. THERE ARE A GOOD NUMBER OF CITIES needing one of these two solutions to get the name entered.

Quiz Creation Date: 1-13-2013
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    And I was here left wondering how my score was beaten by such a difference… In the original version on the quiz road routes were used, on this new one you choose to connect cities via great circles which will save A LOT of km’s.
  2. 0
    Just FYI, some of the Tokyo suburb cities do not have the proper coordinates. For instance, typing in Machida takes you to Greece. Fuchu did something similar.
    1. 1
      fixing Machida now – Fuchu seemed to work fine – if there are any others with bad coordinates let me know.
  3. 0
    Thank you for fixing Machida! I must have made a mistake with Fuchu. I’m sorry about that.
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    This is a really small thing, about 500km, but Zhongshan is currently showing up next Zhanjiang. It should be in the middle of Jiangmen, Foshan, and Zhuhai (I hope it is actually OK to put corrections here. Thank you for all of your great quizzes).

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