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Double-click on the location of each of the 200 largest World cities. The closer you click, the more points you get (max 100).

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz! NOTES: Quiz is NOT timed. Be careful clicking and dragging the map around too quickly, if you click and release it will count as a guess. Don’t worry about pinpointing each city, I made the points so that you are not punished many points by missing it by a small distance, however the points decline rapidly at larger distances. FYI two cities have the same name, I included the country for those. After a guess, you can move the mouse over a GREEN marker to see an actual location, and over a RED marker to see your guess along with what you were guessing at and the distance.

Quiz Updated: 6-17-2014
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    Hummm… there aren’t any South African cities in the Top 250 World Largest cities quiz, yet 4 of them made their way into this Top 200 largest cities locator? What’s more, Soweto is the largest of them and missed the cut… On the other hand cities like Recife, Guadalajara, Almaty, Fukuoka and Auckland are admittedly larger than any South African city but aren’t featured in this quiz. I also don’t think Subang Jaya (Malaysia) is among the 200 Largest World Cities.
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    has to do with the date i made each of the quizzes and current data at that time – i’ll be updating this one before long with more current top 200 cities.
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    I suspect you’ve used the Metro area numbers for the South African cites which naturally gave them a boost in population. That can also explain why Soweto isn’t there, it was included in Johannesburg.
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    If you’re wondering where all the green and red dots went, you’ve gone past the international date line. Head back East/West to find them again.

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