World Agglos Rank Challenge

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7/26/2017 – Hi again – I’m looking to hopefully by the end of August begin redoing the site with a fresh look and new features, hopefully to be done sometime before the end of September. This includes a new design, appearance, scorekeeping (hopefully with live leaderboards) and more. Keep an eye out! Also I will be removing the Flash quizzes and geography quizzes that aren’t using Google Maps by then (remaking some of them after the remodel) to make the site more clean and organized.
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Name the largest # of the 539 world agglomerations of 1M+ population in a row you can. Bonus time is given based on the top # of agglos you achieve. Try naming the agglo by using the largest city in it – other cities may be accepted. SEE NOTES.

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NOTES – The object here is to name as many of the world top agglomerations in a row you can before time runs out. You start with only 5 minutes but will get 5 extra seconds per agglo in a row you get starting with the largest. For example, if you guess the largest agglo right away you get 5 extra seconds. If you guess the top 3 you will have had 15 total seconds added, then if you guess the 5th, 6th and 7th without the 4th, then guess the 4th you will get 20 more seconds (due to getting four more in a row starting with the largest). The number by “Top:” shows the top N largest world agglos you have in a row starting with the 1st. So if it says “Top: 8” it means you have the 8 largest and are missing the 9th (although you may or may not have the 10th and lower agglos).

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    Apparently I got all 12 of the over 20 million agglos but only named the top 6? That seems impossible…
    1. 1
      It appears that there are actually 13, not 12. I just got the top 19 in a row, including 13/12 of the 20M+ agglos.
      1. 1
        Yes, I just got 13/12 of them also this time.
        1. 0
          13/12 confirmed. Darin, if you’re still out there, you need to correct this.

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