World Cities Closest Country Capitals Challenge

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You begin with 10 minutes. One of the 50 largest World cities that is NOT a country capital AND is one of the top 3 largest non-capital cities in a country (so no more than 3 cities per country) will appear – name the country whose capital is among the 10 closest country capitals to that city, trying to get the closest and accumulating points. Shortened abbreviations you can use include: ‘CAR’, ‘Congo’, ‘DRC’, ‘UAE’, ‘UK.’ (with the period so as not to answer for Ukraine), and ‘US’, some others will fill in early so you don’t have to type longer country names. ALSO NOTE: for Niger and Dominica type a ‘.’ after the country name to submit it, to prevent answering them for Nigeria and Dominican Rep..i.e. ‘niger.’ SEE POINTS NOTES BELOW.

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SCORING: Points are awarded as follows: getting a top 10 closest country capital: +5, getting the closest remaining +25 as well as a ‘distance bonus’ which is proportional to the distance corresponding to your answer, completing a city: +100, skipping a city: -25.

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    You start with 10 minutes, but if you do well, you’ll be here 3 hours.
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      Yes, at first you think you’re in for a “regular” quiz but soon you find yourself in a marathon. Quite misleading… :) Thank goodness for the pause button.

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