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You begin with Shanghai marked and listed along with its population. The object of this quiz is to name the closest city that is between half and 50% more than the current city’s population. So, if the current city has a population of 1,000,000, you are trying to answer with the closest city between 500,000 and 1.5 million. You get 5 seconds bonus time for every answer. Quiz continues with cities of descending size among the World top 500.

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    This is a bit buggy – some of the “correct” answers aren’t the closest option. Off the top of my head, Tianjin, Lahore, and Rio were wrong. I love this quiz idea though.
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      i think you may not be understanding the concept correctly…Tianjin is the answer for Beijing as it is greater than 50% of Beijing’s population and quite close (closest city to Beijing with .5 and 1.5 times Beijing’s pop). However, Beijing is not Tianjin’s answer as Beijing is over 1.5x the population of Tianjin. Same issue with Rio/Sao Paulo. I think I have the calculations correct…this clear it up somewhat hopefully?
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        Woops, I think I was thinking “between half and twice the population” for some reason.
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          I had initially accidentally written twice instead of 1.5

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