1000 Most Popular Baby Names (2012)

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Using LOWER CASE, name the top 1000 baby names per the US Social Security Administration for the year 2012.  Separate/shortened spellings are listed separately.  First letter and # letters shown.

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    The comments are currently lacking paragraphs, so a long post will become a large chunk of text. I agree with almost all of your comment. You’ve described my method too… research, memorizing the 50 missed lists (in case that quiz have it) and so on. It’s progressive and rewarding indeed. Of course I don’t play the quizzes only once… some I’ve played 100+ times with ever increasing scores. That’s the challenge for me. That and seeing other users that usually appear on the same quizzes as I (presumably) doing the same. I’ve never said the objective is not reaching 100% results… I have quite a few myself. But when you have someone getting 100% guessing 2.400+ places at first attempt you gotta be annoyed. It’s that “transcription exercise” that I’m opposed to. That’s the only thing on your post that I disagree. We’re playing for a score board and yes, the stakes are low, but it should be healthy competition between the players. If someone use external sources while playing they’re disrupting the competition and their final score will be worthless. Thanks again for your feedback keltopi.
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      All points well taken. Personally, I don’t see how someone would enjoy copying answers from another source. I did try that early on a few times, and it really sucked the fun out of it. Then again, since playing these games is basically a form of (mostly) benign OCD for me, copying answers doesn’t really fit into my ritual, so maybe that’s why I don’t enjoy it. In any event, thanks for your comments—food for thought.
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    I don’t consider completists (for lack of a better word) cheaters. If some members do get a kick out of transcribing the answers then more power to them. I don’t consider that one bit funny but it’s a legit option. The problem is they share the scoreboard with those playing for real, the competitive players, and that will inevitably distort the rankings. On the other hand, a cheater is someone who pretends to be playing competitively but use external help while playing. I would like to look at the scoreboard and think all scores are legit, but unless Darin comes up with a magical algorithm I don’t think there’s a solution to this. Well, in any case, let’s appreciate the fantastic site Darin has put up. I’m sure there’s a lot of cool new features and quizzes coming in the next months. A future discussion on this issue would be helpful though.

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