50 Of The 1000 Most Famous People In History By Image (MIT’s Pantheon)

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Using LAST NAMES (EXCEPTIONS – SEE NOTES) and NO PUNCTUATION, name the person who is among the top 1000 most famous people according to MIT’s Pantheon project. Read naming notes below, many alternates accepted. Timer begins with each new image. For people born before 1500, you get their birth year immediately. Before 1000, you also get birth country (based on current geography). For anyone born before the year 0, you also get the occupation immediately. Otherwise you must wait for non-displayed hints to show up.

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NOTES: NAMING – Many people with last names have just those accepted. Popes, Kings, Queens, etc who have a name with a Roman Numeral are accepted in the format “Charles XI” for example – you do NOT need the Roman numeral if it’s a “I” – otherwise type the Roman number out..do NOT use 2, 3, etc. Many alternate or simplified names are accepted – i.e. “Alexander of Europe” would allow just “alexander”.

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    yes i realize the older people are more difficult to tell from images, as we must rely on sculpture/painting/etc. there will be more of these based on the Pantheon from more recent centuries.
    1. 0
      I noticed a few images where the person’s name is included, like with the Marquis de Sade.
      1. 0
        ill replace that one, let me know of any others.
  2. 0
    Jesus didn’t work for me. Or is there another bearded guy born in 5 BC in Israel?
    1. 0
      yeah there is, probably tons of them, but one on this quiz – also Jesus is 4 BC.
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    How to see 50 Hardest and 50 Missed answers, what should I type? It put my name on the list so I can’t type my name to save scores.
    1. 0
      Picture quizzes don’t have the 50 Hardest/Missed lists. I can’t quite make sense of your second question…
    2. 0
      no 50 hardest/missed on image quizzes. your name saves automatically.

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