DC & Marvel Comic Book Characters With Most Appearances

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Name the top 100 DC & Marvel comic book characters by total appearances. For superheroes use the superhero name.

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Quiz Creation Date: 10-23-2014
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    May I suggest accepting Nightwing for Dick Grayson
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    Are you looking for the heroes’ names or secret identities? I spent a lot of time trying both and hero names would work for some and secret identities for others
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      let me know ones i dont have a heroes name for, i’m not a comic book expert – i want it to be heroes names for them.
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        You might want to make both acceptable, but here are the ones i saw (You also may want to delete this comment after since it gives a lot of answers): Norman Osborn = Green Goblin Hal Jordan & Alan Scott = Green Lantern Roy Harper = Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy Tim Drake = Robin/Red Robin Dick Grayson = Robin/Nightwing Emma Frost = White Queen Barbara Gordon = Batgirl/Oracle Wally West, Bart Allen & Jay Garrick = The Flash Hank Pym = Ant Man/Giant Man/Yellowjacket Carol Danvers = Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel Kitty Pryde = Shadowcat Jean Grey = Marvel Girl/Phoenix
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          ^apologies, that was way more organized in the comment box
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            These comment boxes are good for short comments only… if the text is a bit longer and formatted it becomes a wall of text. As for spoilers you can always e-mail the quiz master with the suggestions.
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    Great quiz. Notice that the first name of #100 is spelled wrong
    1. 1
      Yeah, I for one am crossing my fingers for more comic book quizzes.
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    It’s Spider-Man, not Spider Man. Also, you don’t accept Xavier for Professor X.
    1. 0
      I think hyphens aren’t usually accepted on quizzes, so you have either Spider Man or Spiderman as the answer.

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