Most Famous People In History (MIT’s Pantheon) – Choose Occupation

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First, choose one of the occupations listed below the quiz by typing it in without spaces (exactly as it is listed below) – these are all the occupations with at least 50 people listed in MIT’s Pantheon Project’s 10000+ people. Then, name all of the people with that occupation (max 500) in order of how ‘famous’ they were according to the source. PLEASE READ the naming notes below the quiz as well. Place (based on current geography) and year of birth shown – ‘*’ denotes females. Score is based on a number of factors, a major one being popularity of the person on Wikipedia across all languages. You are shown more people in the Missed and Hardest categories after the quiz for the occupations with more people.

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OCCUPATION CHOICES (in order of most people to least): Politician, Actor, Writer, SoccerPlayer, ReligiousFigure, Singer, Musician, Philosopher, Physicist, Composer, MilitaryPersonnel, Chemist, Painter, FilmDirector, Mathematician, Physician, Biologist, TennisPlayer, Nobleman, SocialActivist, Economist, Companion, RacecarDriver, Artist, Astronomer, Businessperson, Coach, Architect, Explorer, Inventor, BasketballPlayer, Athlete
NAMING NOTES – Many people with last names have just those accepted. Popes, Kings, Queens, etc who have a name with a Roman Numeral are accepted in the format “Charles XI” for example – you do NOT need the Roman numeral if it’s a “I” – otherwise type the Roman number NOT use 2, 3, etc. Many alternate or simplified names are accepted – i.e. “Alexander of Europe” would allow just “alexander”.

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    lots and lots of people on this quiz – and obviously some can be in multiple categories but I used the source’s categorization for occupations, so only one occupation per person. any alternative names that must be accepted let me know.
  2. 0
    Heh, same note as the most famous by occupations – soccer player #5 would be known to most people (at least, English-speaking people) as “Cruyff”, not “Cruijff”. Wikipedia lists the English-speaker spelling as the main headline on the page.
  3. 0
    In politicians – it pretty much includes almost all of English royalty, but not the Tudor kings, unless I’m very mistaken. Seems…odd.
  4. 0
    In the case of Medina Garrigues or Sanchez Vicario, “Medina” and “Sanchez” are part of the surname, so they should be accepted as correct answers. In Spanish there is no such thing as middle names.
  5. 0
    Well, all i can say is i’m incredibly surprised they listed Liszt as a musician and not a composer.

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